The Importance of Creative Expression for Children

Most children have a natural streak of creativity and you can often see this in their play. Whether they are painting, playing doctors and nurses or trying to make music, creativity is a normal part of daily life for children.

The temptation for many parents is to stifle this creativity and focus more on teaching their children academic subjects or life skills. If their child attends school or nursery, they may also assume that they have enough opportunity for creativity there and that it is not something they need to concern themselves about at home or during their child’s leisure time.

musical expression for children

However, there are many benefits in allowing your children to freely express their creativity. Let’s take a look at just a few of them here:


One of the major advantages of allowing your child to be creative is that it is fun. Childhood should be all about having a great time, not about having responsibilities and feel under pressure. Kids will learn many other things through their creative play, and it’s learning in a way they enjoy. Having an exciting and adventurous time is an important part of growing up.

Learning skills

Creative activities will give your child the opportunity to learn many new skills and they won’t necessarily even know they are learning while they are doing so. Just some of these skills include communication, numeracy, teamwork, independent thinking and social interaction. For example, music and movement can teach children how to count beats, learn lyrics, interact with other children and communicate effectively.


Many of the creative arts can support a child’s health and wellbeing. The performance arts often involve lots of movement and this can help a child to develop both their gross and fine motor skills. It is also a fun way of getting physical exercise, essential for both growth and later life.

Furthermore, if children enjoy the creative arts, they will be happy when they are involved in such activities and this is good for their mental and emotional wellbeing too. After all, a healthy child is a happy child.

Developing Their Personality

Every child is an individual with their own unique personality. Their likes and dislikes are all an important part of their character. Creative arts not only give them the opportunity to try out new activities to find out what they do and do not like, it also gives them the chance to express their feelings in different forms. The latter is especially important for children who find it hard to verbalise their emotions, so getting involved in creative activities can often help you find out more about your child than you would have known previously.

Making New Friends And Finding New Interests

Giving your child the opportunity to go to childrens’ drama classes and workshops will help them to find hobbies and interests they enjoy and can become passionate about. It is also a great way for children to meet new people with different lives and backgrounds. This can potentially lead to them forming friendships with other children.

Creative expression is a vital part of a child’s development. It can help them to learn new skills, find interests, develop their personalities and make new friends. Perhaps most importantly of all though, creative expression is a fantastic way for children to have fun.

Here’s a video from a Performing Arts School which I think has a feeally fresh approach to working with youngsters in a way that allows the best in them to find its expression.